Newquay's Harbour seals.

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Sea Watch Dolphin and Whale spotting week

Moon Jellies

Moon and Blue Jellyfish spotted during Newquay Sea Safari off "Atlantic Diver"

Wow...Jellyfish galore just off Newquay Headland...our Cornish summer phenomenum of thick

" Smacks" of moon jellies and blues all tightly clustered in a thick floating carpet of Plankton , drifting at the mercey of the tide , glistening and twinkling like glass baubles bobbing about in the crystal blue sea. 

Shark Cage Diving UK at Its Best!!

Beautiful Blue Shark approaches Atlantic Diver

Unbelievably adrenaline rushing viewing during a shark cage dive with the  best cage diving company in the UK. Eleven shark divers set off from Newquay Harbour yesterday onbaord "Atlantic Diver" to do one of the" top 10 things to do in Newquay" or even the UK. Doubters of the thrill of UK cage diving should feast their eyes on this footage as we experienced 4 Blue sharks, all female ranging from sizes...2.5m, 3m 3.5m and  2m.

Huge Sunfish!!!

Plankton Boat Trip

"Chillaxing" Bank Holiday Seals

Semi Resident Newquay Grey Seal

Beautiful Trunk Newquay Grey Seal

Gorgeous Newquay Seals were chillaxing in The May Bank Holiday Sunshine on one of their favourite rocks .

Basking Shark Tagging

Spring Dolphins

Atlantic Diver in Easter Sunshine

Easter Dolphins Chatting

Bottle Nose Dolphin Swimming around Atlantic Diver

Dolphins galore on Easter Day as Common Dolphins Bow ride "Atlantic Explorer" and let out excited clicks and sounds as they communocate with each other when the boat stopped....absolutely wonderful. We have been seeing lots of dolphins on our trips throughout the winter like this Bottle Nose Dolphin above  but the becalmed Easter weather is allowing us to spot them more easily. Trips are running daily at the present .This is some of Chris's iphone video