Leather Back Turtles off Newquay

Rare Leatherback Turtle

Sunshine, Sea Safaris and Shags galore

Cormorants and shags were out in their masses today and lucky passengers were able to see long and far due to yet another spectacular calm day at sea out on our Newquay Sea Safari. We were extremely lucky to spot a Great Northern Diver amongst a group of Cormorants perched on the rocks and also 1 male grey sea, 2 pretty female seals and 1 juvenile seal who popped their heads up to people spot us on the Bounty. A pod of approximately 15 Common Dolphins with a calf joined us riding in our  bow wave as we gradually returned to newquay Harbour spotting for dolphins and Basking Sharks.

Happy Fishing

Mates enjoying a Bountiful catch aboard the  "Bounty" today! A great range of species from Pollack, to Cod, Red Gunardand Pouting..all sustainablly rod and line caught and good eating fish. Skipper Ant is now also running evening Congor Fishing Trips from the "Bounty", details of times of these trips can be found  through our Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing telephone booking line....Tight lines guys...

a bountiful catch aboard "Bounty"

Dolphin Fest

Huge playful Bottlenose Dolphins

Pod of Common Dolphins circling Atlantic Diver

beautiful Common Dolphins

Celebrity Chef Valentine Warner Coast to Coast

Valentine Warner well known celebrity chef and fishing enthusiast tries his luck at catching his supper aboard Atlantic Diver . The Optomen TV Production Company were filming "Coast To Coast" a new cooking series , fishing and cooking the catch as they toured the uk..ranging between Cornwall and Norfolk. His new fishy series starts tonight 24/07/2011 at 8pm on the Good Food Channel and is on every night until 28th July. You can catch more of his TV intro on: 

Science Cruise

Annabelle crewed up  aboard The Spirit of Plymouth to join the Marine Biological Association Scientists who brought Marine Science to local children ,learning  whist enjoying the fun of a cruise. Plankton samples were taken and observed, marinelife includng: Gannets, Oyster Catchers, Cormorants, Shags and numerous Gulls were recorded by the young stundents in their new role as marinelife surveyors. Water salinity tests were taken using high tech equipment loaned by the MBA. The Crew gave us a steady jaunt around Plymouth Sound so we could deploy our equipment...lucky us was a perfect day for a cruise. The young minds were stimulated through play and a great day was had by all.

Basking Sharks are HERE

basking shark by Rick Aryton

Juvenile Common Dolphin

common dolphins with Kylie

Net entangled Juvenile Humpback Whale

Atlantic Diver was called by fellow Marine Mammal Medics at BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Resue) to go to the aid of a whale ,spotted by a St Ives Fisherman ,which was believed to be net entangled. Chris Lowe , Annabelle Lowe and Mark ( air ambulance crew and BDMLRMMM) dashed to Atlantic Diver at Newquay harbour ,cast off and sped at superfast speeds  that I have never seen her do before down to attempt rescue of the stricken whale. We carefully passed harbour porpoise and a sunfish on route passing through plankton slicks before slowing to begin the search of a needle in a haystack , for the encumbussed whale. Josh the BDMLR rescue rib met us after their equally fast launch from Hayle and both boats began the almighty task ahead.

Dolphins Dive with Divers

elated diver..Nick back on board

Dolphin leaping infront of Atlantic Diver


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