Sharks are Here

Tope ..the Soup Fin Shark caught during Newquqay Sea Safaris and Fishing Trip 9 miles off Newquay

To watch the Soup Fin Shark in its natural environment...see below

Why Eat Gurnard?

huge Tub Gurnard caught by Ben Lowe

Red Gurnard on left caught on newquay sea safaris and fishing trip

Newquay Harbour Ocean Discovery Day

 Bottlenose Dolphins in Newquay Bay , Newquay Sea Safaris Boat Trip aboard Atlantic Diver

Rum for Mum

Ships Rum Barrel

Ever wondered what a Skipper buys his wife for her birthday!!!! Chris found this rum cask in need of renovation and fixed it up ,adding some original Rum Tub Brass Letters ....Hic...rum was lovely!

"Up Spirits" was between 11am and midday when 70mls of rum ration were given to the crew onboard the old ships....wonder if skipper will be dishing out the rum to leyla and I this summer???


Leyla's Marine Day

 Leyla's work experience display for Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing

leyla's pics taken onboard "Atlantic Diver "and" Atlantic Explorer" during Newquay Sea Safaris

Guillemots In Trouble

Guillemots in Cornwall Strucken with waxy contamination

Dave Jarvis our British Diver Marine life Rescue Co- ordinater sent out an urgent message to us today. Hundreds of Guillemots our beautiful local diving sea birds are washing into the South coast of cornwall covered in a sticky waxy secretion making it impossible for them to fly. Help is desperately needed to help rescue. Advise if you find an affected bird is to put on gloves place in a ventilated cardboard box and call dave Jarvis on 07774711949 to await instructions for removal to West Hatch RSPCA rescue centre.

Bottlenose Dolphins play in Newquay Bay

Beautiful bottlenose Dolphin plays with "Atlantic Diver" in Newquay

The Cutiest faces of the huge Bottlenose Dolphins as they hunted across newquay bay today and played in the bow waves of "Atlantic Diver"Bottlenose Dolphin spotted from "Atlantic Diver" in Newquay Cornwall

John's Long Ling

John's Ling caught on a Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Trip aboard Atlantic Explorer

Whitecoat Seal Pup Rescue

Cute Whitecoat Seal Pup rescued

This extremely cute Whitecoat Seal Pup was rescued today from a local beach close to Newquay Harbour. He is only about three weeks old and suffered from possiblely infected bite wounds. After ensuring there was no mother nearby and that the seal pup was truely sick Chris and I acted with our medics hat on and retrieved the gorgeous pup to be transfered by other British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics. He is a good weight so his mum has fed him extremely well so hopefuly he will make a full recovery but his progress can be checked on:

Thresher Shark bycaught in Tintagel


Thresher Shark bycaught off Tintagel 3.6m long next to Tabbie from Newquay Sea Safaris and fishing


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