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Close Encounters of the Sharky Kind!!


A group of work colleagues who work in jobs in the  Marine Sector  had the most amazing Marine eco-tourism adventure ….Cage diving and free diving with the iconic blue sharks that at this time of year migrate to UK’s habitat rich Cornwall with sea temperatures an impressive 18 degrees c .

Respect to the Risso's Dolphins





Wow wow wow Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing has been enjoying  spectacular sightings of the rare Risso’s Dolphins in Newquay Bay for nearly a week.


Happiness is.....Bottlenose Dolphin Calf !!

Bottlenose Dolphins with tiny Calf in Fistral Bay

Iconic Bottlenose Dolphins in Fistral Bay with Tiny Calf

An absolute wow moment during our “Seal Cove Safari “when the rare inshore pod of Bottlenose Dolphins appeared in Newquay Bay just as we left Newquay Harbour.

Rare Female "Sperm Whale!"

Rare Female Sperm Whale Live Stranded Perranporth

Sadly a Sperm Whale Live Stranded on Perranporth Beach a few miles west of Newquay which was the first female to have starnded in the UK since Strandings were recorded.

Amazing Underwater World of Newquay

Carter's Rocks in Newquay Matt Slater

For the enjoyment of those who don't dive ...a little glimpse into the underwater world of Newquay's amazing Marine Wildlife courtesy of Matt Slater and Thomas Daguerre of Hydro Motion C.I.C taken during a Cornwall Wildlife Trust Sea Search Dive from onboard " Atlantic Diver"

Trudy In Gully by Matt Slater

Fund Raising for Newquay Marine Group

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