Amazing Underwater World of Newquay

Carter's Rocks in Newquay Matt Slater

For the enjoyment of those who don't dive ...a little glimpse into the underwater world of Newquay's amazing Marine Wildlife courtesy of Matt Slater and Thomas Daguerre of Hydro Motion C.I.C taken during a Cornwall Wildlife Trust Sea Search Dive from onboard " Atlantic Diver"

Trudy In Gully by Matt Slater

We ventured just west passed our newly designated Marine Conservation Zone..."Newquay and the Gannel"  to dive where the swell is usually too interesting to explore, but on this night , conditions were just perfect with 15m plus underwater visibility, revealing the jewels of the gullies as Fried Egg Anemonies, Jewel Anemones, Dead Men's fingers, Spider Crabs, Edible Crabs, Leopard Spot Gobies, Tompot Blenies, A Gurnard, Topknot, Ballan Wrasse, Huge mussels covered in Fluorescent Jewel Anemonies , Devonshire Cup Corals .