Close Encounters of the Sharky Kind!!


A group of work colleagues who work in jobs in the  Marine Sector  had the most amazing Marine eco-tourism adventure ….Cage diving and free diving with the iconic blue sharks that at this time of year migrate to UK’s habitat rich Cornwall with sea temperatures an impressive 18 degrees c .

As the group work in the marine sector… the marine environment is their passion and they chartered Chris Lowe aboard adventure Dive Catamaran “Atlantic Diver” from Newquay Sea safaris and Fishing to become one of the lucky few here to experience the slinky sharks known as “Wolves of the Sea” as they often hunt in packs and scavenge mammalian carcass as well as small fish, other sharks and cephalopods.


Nina Godsell the group leader had swum with whale sharks in Mexico and was hopeful to experience a close encounter of the sharky kind with Newquay’s  “Blue sharks ” experience which would be eco-friendly to the shark, being aware of The Shark Trust’s campaign “No Limits” which attempts to limit the catch to sustainable levels in EU waters by using scientific data on 5 species of shark including the blue, before they become a threatened species, as has happened with the Porbeagle


The shark expedition left historical Newquay harbour but ventured far off shore away from swimmers and surfers where the pelagic ..ocean going sharks drift through and forage.

 Nina was exuberant and explained … “ it was breath taking being in the sea with my  favourite shark and it was not like watching  it on the TV or seeing a picture in a book as there was more of an emotional attachment almost a bond and was a privilege to spend time with the 1.7m female  in her natural environment.”

The group now wish to support raising awareness of the blue shark’s plight highlighted by Chris and were keen to learn that Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing were part of five collaborators

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing

Newquay Marine Group

Polzeath Marine Conservation Group

St Agnes Marine Conservation Group

And Cornwall Seal Group and Research Trust

forming Cornwall Marine Micro Plastics Researchers, undertaking the first UK #TRAWLSHARE project with 5Gyres, which aims to gather marine micro plastic samples from the seas surface along the North Cornwall coast to produce data on its presence and possible effects on the food chain ,of which the Blue Shark is top predator. It is believed toxins from plastic pollution in the body is concentrated at the top end of the food chain.



It is National Marine Week 28th july-12th August and the spectacular blue shark encounter/sighting will be sent to the #NWDW2018 (National Whale and Dolphin Watch Week 28st July -8th August) sightings data base at the Sea Watch Foundation, alongside the 2 Harbour Porpoise that swam passed feeding at the same time as Atlantic Diver drifted through the chum slick and multiple sightings of common dolphins one of which was a calf with Foetal folds , crease lines across the body where the dolphin was folded in utero….A real treat for the shark tourists to see.



Chris Lowe who also rescues Marine Life with British Divers Marine Life Rescue ( including a blue shark) earning him the nick name “Whale Rider” to the amusement of the group, has been offering these shark expedition trips for the past 10 years and is concerned over society’s  increasing plastic use in everyday life. He hopes that helping to forge a caring attachment between humans and sea creatures through real life encounters ,done without causing disturbance ,will encourage people to really try to reduce their plastic use daily. He is a member of Richard Peirce’s Cornwall Cage Diving Operators Association which follows code of conduct for swimming with sharks to ensure good practise by experienced operators that shark tourist can look for when wanting to ensure sharks’ wellbeing.



Surfers Against Sewerage campaign #plasticfreenewquay have some great ideas to help people along and are all working as a community towards plastic reduction use in Newquay.



To book onto a shark experience contact Skipper Chris Lowe through Trips will be running through to October whilst the sea is still warm.