Fund Raising for Newquay Marine Group

Newquay Marine Group Members were treated to a Seal Cove Safari along the spectacular North Cornwall coastline as a fund raising event by our Newquay Sea Safaris team donated in order to support the conservation arm of the group.

 Breeding Sea birds , Seals and shellfish  including Brown crab, spider crab and even a juvenile Lobster approximately 4 years old.

Newquay has recently been designated an MCZ…Marine Conservation Zone which has now protection of the sea bed bottom to allow habitat which supports our huge array of marine species here to  thrive. All who live and work around this beautiful stretch of the South West coastline benefit from this new conservation measure, wildlife, wildlife watching , Divers ,Fishermen, anglers  ,surfers, bathers , locals and tourists alike. Newquay Marine Group gathered data to help support the new MCZ so it seemed fitting that were on a boat trip in Newquay to enjoy it.

Many birds were sitting on eggs or had new hatchlings which was a real treat to see.

Even our semi resident grey seal was in Newquay Harbour to welcome us as we came home…sun setting behind us across Newquay Bay.