Happiness is.....Bottlenose Dolphin Calf !!

Bottlenose Dolphins with tiny Calf in Fistral Bay

Iconic Bottlenose Dolphins in Fistral Bay with Tiny Calf

An absolute wow moment during our “Seal Cove Safari “when the rare inshore pod of Bottlenose Dolphins appeared in Newquay Bay just as we left Newquay Harbour.


The Iconic group were 5 adults , 1 juvenile AND ….wait for it …1 tiny very pale, almost white calf.


 It was adorable ..actively hunting like a big grown with the well establish group of Dolphins. They head lopped, tail slapped and bubble blew as they herded the fish into a bait ball.



We have been catching large mackerel in the Bay for the past few days so we were guessing that’s what they were catching.

Our delighted passengers were silent as they were mesmerized by the tiny calf who was so excited.

We stopped and watched from a safe distance as recommended by WiSe (Wildlife Safe) so not to disturb the pod.

 It was magical watching their hunting strategies. They drove the shoal towards us and used the vessel as the fish took refuge under us to gather the fish up alongside, affording us great close views



After a short while we left to continue our marine wildlife expedition seeing seabirds and seals only to find the pod chasing over to us some one and a half hours later as we returned and cruised across Fistral Bay. ..three short beaked dolphin heads broke the sea’s surface right in front of the Headland Hotel  and peaked at us, excitedly swimming and leaping across the world famous surfing bay to the boat. I guess they had fed well and wanted to play as they surfed in “Atlantic Diver’s” bow wave.





Only a month ago we had been involved in retrieving the dead carcus of a large adult male BND believed to be called “Overhang” from New Train Bay as volunteers for Cornwall Wildlife Trust Marine Strandings Network Volunteers and British Divers Marine Life Rescue, so it was so good ,after such a sad experience to see that the dolphins are breeding.


We are so fortunate to have our own inshore pod of Celtic Bottlenose Dolphins


Their numbers are very low compared to historical levels and many wildlife experts are concerned for their future.  We all need to do all we can to help these beautiful and charismatic Dolphins survive.

All our photos and data has been sent to Cetacean experts who are recording sightings historic and new.

If you see any dolphins the details of date ,time ,location and number of animals can be sent with any pics ( taken without flash) to

“The Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS) “ so the population health can be monitored.

As the weather warms up our sea safaris will be running daily

Contact www.newquayseasafarisandfishing.co.uk 07582 466 122