Newquay Boat Trips


Mackerel Fishing in Newquay abaord Atlantic Explorer

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Boat Trips are going out every day now (weather permitting) . Crew and passengers of both "Atlantic Diver" and "Atlantic Explorer" have been enjoying the incredibly beautiful sunshine which has been bathing the Newquay coastline in glorious sunshine. Newquay really has been living up to her title of "Coast of Dreams"

The Mackerel is in the Bay now ,with Ben and I catching a whole box in less than an hour to smoke at home in our fish smoker. I also made an amazingly tasty mackerel pate.

Mackerel is a great alternative to tuna and eating it is ,not only healthy for you but takes the pressure off the  tuna stocks. Ben my son who is an apprentice rod and line caught fisherman and potter was naming the larger catch as Tuna as they were sooo BIG. For those that dont have a smoker you can make a simple mackerel pate by

  • baking about six mackerel fillets with salt , pepper and a sqeeze of lemon juice for about ten minutes in oven gas mark 6
  • fork cooked fish into a bowl
  • add 2 large teaspoons of horseradish  sauce and a small tub of creme fraich
  • mix with another squeeze of lemon juice
  • serve in a pretty dip bowl with plenty of crusty bread slices, some peashoots, a wedge of lemon and ENJOY..hmmm the taste of a Newquay Summer.

For other recipe ideas try...

drop us a line and let us know how your mackerel recipes wentGlorious sunshine on Newquay Sea SafarisDerek Our Friendly Skipper Showing the Workings of the Wheelhouse

 More fantastic news ..Dr Who our Semi Resident Grey Seal is backheart

Dr Who Newquay Grey Seal looking at Atlantic Diver

Took these stunning pics as we worked our way along the North Cornwall Coastline .


Beautiful sunshine off "Coast of Dreams" Newquay