Newquay Sea Safari to St Agnes

Sun begins to set over Bawden Rocks

We had an immensly enjoyable Sea Safari for the St Agnes Marine Conservation Group this week. The sun was shining all the way to St Agnes and all manner of Breeding Sea Birds were out including this Bridled Guillemot. Its the first time I've seen one this far West. It was sitting on the ocean in a small raft of Guilies just waiting to be spotted. Our sighting has been sent off to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust as we are a Master Wise acredited boat operator.

Bridled Guillemot on Right seen during Newquay Sea Safari

Beautiful Juvenile Gannet seen off Newquay

Beautiful Juvenile Gannet was resting after feeding.

All proceeds being donated back to the Conservation Group by us so that they can continue their good works of Marine Education to the general public.

"Atlantic Diver" off St Agnes

The sun began to set as we cruised back into Newquay Harbour and enabled us to catch this beautiful image of Ben our son and Jessica our daughter rod and line fishing for mackerel, in the bay.....Epic!! day with freshly caught silver darlings for late suppercoolAtlantic Voayger out Mackerel fishing in Beautiful Sunset