BBC and Barrel Jellyfish

Barrel Jellyfish Filmed by BBC off "Atlantic Diver"

Well what a week...there has been a massive Jellyfish Hype with Barrel jellies being the main star of the show..the BBC, Sunday Times, Childrens' BBC and Skye T.V...all filming off "Atlantic Diver"  in Newquay Bay this week...phew pressure to find them then!!

Large Bell of Barrel Jellyfish, filmed off Atlantic Diver

The huge Bell is approximately 1m in diameter and its 8 arms have cauliflower appearance with oral offices at the ends. its reputed to NOT sting but I can tell you that it definitely gives an agitation to the skin a little less than a nettle sting....easily soothed with scraping area in one direction then applying vinegar.

John Maguire BBC Presenter filming the jellyfish in Newquay

John Maguire BBC Presenter , Peter Richardson from the Marine Conservation Society and Ross James..camerman all donned wetsuits and invetsigated the Jellyfish up-close-and -personal. It aired on prime time BBC Morning Breakfast Time several times during the morning