3000 Lobster Hatchery Larvae Released


Pregnant Female Grey Seal

Gorgeous Pregnant Female Grey Seal hauled out on rocks during sea safari today during which we released another 3000 Lobster Larvae from the Padstow Lobster Hatchery.Grey Seal Hauled out during Atlantic Diver sea safari

This seal was keeping rear flippers out of the sea to keep warm.

The Lobsters are packed into seperate cells to prevent them damaging each other.

Then scooped up and sent down a Lobster Log Flume to the rocky sea bed. These were about 8-12 weeks old. All of the hard work of the fishermen donating berried lobbies and the staff at the Lobster Hatchery combined with these releases help with the sustainability of the Potting industry here in Cornwall. Its a great addition as a special Newquay Sea Safari...Passengers then wen t on to enjoy the Grey Seals hauled out...we also saw Barrel Jellyfish and Sunfish all in the same day.


Lobster Larvae being released off Atlantic Diver during Newquay Sea Safari

 Larvae free swimming ready for log flume ride

Passengers help with release

Lobster Log Flume

Passengers enjoy spectacular scenery

Panaramic views from Newquay Sea Safaris of Newquay Coastline