Cornwall Tourism Awards

Iconic Celtic Bottlenose Dolphins being enjoyed from on board "Atlantic Diver" in Newquay Bay

Tonights the big night. Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing are Finalists for the Cornwall Tourism Awards sooo..tonight we discover WHO have won the Bronze, Silver or Gold award for the Wildlife and marine Attraction of the Year 2014-2015. 

The Headland Hotel are hosting a Black Tie Dinner and Dance Award Ceremony, Chris Lowe ( gorgeous hubbie and skipper) Mike Taylor ( Marine Wildlife Guide) and myself are attending andddd ....we are sooooo excited. Will post on Twitter as soon as we know ourselves.

A huge thanks go to all of our Crew and Wildlife Team/Buddies with whom we have worked for the last 29 years and have helped us to shape Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing so that we can share our knowledge of the amazing Marine Wildlife here off Newquay and North Cornwall Coast with members of the public as our guests on board our boats , on our tours and on our road shows, so that they can appreciate the diversity of the ocean and help enjoy it whilst working towards its protection for future generations....Phew...glad I said that before the fizzy champagne...I'll leave you all with an image of the Iconic Bottlenose Dolphins in Newquay Bay This year.

Cornwall Tourism Award Invite