Our First Seal Pup Rescue of the Season


Our First Grey Seal Pup Rescue of the Season

Tucked well back in the shelter of a Cornish Cave was a tiny  female seal pup  in trouble suffering from multiple bite wounds . She weighed in at just 17kilos and fortunately a kind member of the public called the "British Divers Marine Life Rescue 24 hour hotline" and a crack team of Marine Mammal Medics were sent to the rescue. The cliff team rescuers Dan and Chris scaled down the cliff and it wasn't long before she was assessed and  taken to Gweek's Cornish  Seal Sanctuary for rehabilitation. At this time of year the Grey Seals are pupping and breeding and the little weaners often get into trouble during the first few weeks of life as they are only under the protection of their mothers for the first three weeks of life. For information on what to do if you suspect a seal is in trouble please click on the link below:


 Marine Mammal Medics carry Seal Pup in special Seal bagRescuers Chris and Dan climb down sheer cliff to retrieve Seal pup

 Team of Marine Mammal Medics relay sick seal pup up cliff faceSeal Pup off to the "Cornish Seal Sanctuary"