The One Show Jellies

One Show Film Crew abaord Atlantic Diver Miranda Krestovnikoff from the One Show filming aboard "Atlantic Diver"

Plymouth Marine Aquarium biologist and Marine Conservation Society Biologist

Miranda Krestovnikoff Diver, Zoologist and Wildlife Film making Presenter leapt off "Atlantic Diver" this week with the film crew from "The One Show!!" They were a great crew and as lovely in person as on the T.V. There special this week was "JELLYFISH"...

Miranda Krestovkoff jumps off "Atlantic Diver" in search of Jellyfish

Gemma helps with an underwater camera


WHunkie camera man...but dontb tell Chris i said thatith

The Star of the Show.. a Blue Jellyfish

Heather....Plymouth Marine Aquarium...ensuring welfare of jellyfish

With the most amazing underwater cameras and help from Heather Wiliams of Plymouth National Marine Aquarium and a biologist from the Marine Conservation Society...they filmed the swarms of Jellyfish in the Gazzel, a beautiful secluded Cove just off Newquay.Film CrewSound manStars diveMiranda filming in the sea...a real Pro