Calm Waters Seal Release

Seal Pups arrive and spot the sea

This Season's rescued seals  have been released during a tiny window of calm waters. The excited pups telescoped thier necks high in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary tailer to spot the beautiful becalmed sea in a scenic Cornish Cove. Having regained their health and accumulated a whopping 40 kg in weight..thanks to Sanctuary Animal Care Team....MOST of the seals hauled themselves down into the sea, however one individual ..."Crator" seemed a little apprehensive and climbed back into the trailer. Some seal pups take longer than others to re aclimatise .

Seal Pups Rush to the Sea

40kg Seal Pup

Miranda, Mars, Moon, Orion, Indus and Crator were the seals (named after space theme) who were all successfully released today , with more to follow tomorrow. Of these Chris and I were fortunate enough as British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics , to have rescued Indus and Orion ,with the help of a huge team of volunteers who have cared for these seals and the amazing and seemingly inexhaustive efforts of the vets and Cornish Seal sanctuary Animal Care Team....Good Luck little seals...if you spot a tagged seal please report location, date, time and pic if possble to sue sayer at cornwall seal group.

Crator runs scared back into trailerChris and Others Help Encourage Seal Pup to the Sea

Seal Pup Enjoying Swimming In Open Ocean Again Gorgeous Seal Pup Swims Away