Dolphins in Newquay ......T.V Stars...fame at last!

 Dolphins on Four in a Bed and Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Trip

Newquay's Celtic Bottlenose Dolphins starred in the famous T.V. series " Four in a Bed" in December 2013. Bed and Breakfast owners at Kallacliff Bed and Breakfast  in Newquay dreamt of seeing Dolphins for their special activity. Chris and I took them out on a beautiful Summer Day and within 1 minute of leaving Newquay Harbour, a pod of the infamous Bottlenose Dolphins were porpoising out of the water around "Atlantic Diver"....What a spectacular treat. The series has been the Buzz of Newquay since as we were all pleased that Newquay is becoming know for its amazing and diverse marine Wildlife.

We are offering  2 hourly Sea Safari Trips to spot for Marine Wildlife, including the Dolphins all year round. The breeding birds are gathering just offshore , so will be back on the their breeding rocks very shortly...give us a call if you fancy a trip out now that the storms seem to have passed.

Kallacliff Bed and breakfast are also open all year round and are taking bookings now on  01637 871704

We are also working together with Kallacliff this year , so you can find our details at their beautiful coastal boutique bed and breakfast.