Cornish Seals and Dolphin Delights in Newquay


 Merky Water after storms revealing Dolphins at the last moment

 Bottlenose Dolphins in Newquay

Dolphins put in an amazing appearance today at the end of a Seal Survey and completely stole the show.

Here is the video Chris (Atlantic Diver's skipper) took

Six Celtic Bottlenose Dolphins appeared like magic at our bow emerging from the brown muddy sea. The water visibily down west was still poor unlike off Newquay , where the sea was back to azure blue as the storm merk has cleared. It made spotting the 3.2m Dolphins fairly tricky but we managed to captured a few of their surface breaths on film to share with you.

Chris slowed down our speed to a gentle crawl as they had 1 juvenile and what looked like last year's calf with them. The adults became impatient and began to use their tail flukes to physically thump "Atlantic Diver's" twin hulls from side to side, (a phenomenum we have experienced before) as if to say ...hurry up we want to play. Chris kept a steady and sure path as is suggested in WiSe ( wildlife safe operator guidelines) and left the pod after a short while to continue our seal survey.

Spectacular North Cornwall Coast Boat Trip Aboard Atlantic Diver

Cornwall ..A World Heritage Site...Evidence of Cornish Tin Mining straddling the Majestic Cliffs

Sea Birds nesting amongst North Cornwall's Rugged Cliffs

Breeding Sea Bird...Guillemot Sitting in rafts on the sea

A solatary pretty female Grey Seal popped her head up during all of the Dolphin Dancing as if to say .."Hey this is supposed to be a Seal Show!" but she wasn't alone as we saw other Seals in various stages of moulting as we travelled the coast.

Pretty Grey Seal Bottling

Seals Hauled out .. itchy job!

It was a fantastic day at sea, starting off before sun up. The Breeding Seabirds are back in good numbers which was pleasing to see after the huge amount that have been washing up on the North Cornwall Coast dead , after the destructive and seemingly never ending storms. It was most satisfying to see them today in the Glorious sunshine perched on their ledges ready for breeding.

Koru Kayacking enjoying the Seal Survey

Our Friends from Koru Kayaking joined us today to enjoy the Marine Wildlife at its best and we shall be taking part in a kayack trip with them shortly to share their guiding of North Cornwall....What a great place to live or visit, there is so much Marine Wildlife to enjoy. Tomorrow we shall join with other ourdoor providers to decide how best to view our spectacular Cornish Wildlife withour causing Disturbance , so that we can Champion it , whilst ensuring its' very future still exists!

Dolphins Return to Atlantic Diver

A second trip of the day saw  Bottlenose Dolphins this time a little closer to Newquay, still actively foraging....WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breath Takingly Beautiful Cornwall

Sea Safaris are currently running as 2 hour trips but if anyone wants a longer trip to view North Cornwall Wildlife over an extended trip please get in touch on 07860927833 and we can arrange a bespoke package.

Newquay Sea Safaris back in Newquay...Tiny Seal Greets Our Return

Lucky us living and working in stunning Cornwall.

Happy Dolphin Day!!!!!!!!!!