How Hard is it to Find a Stalk Jelly


Shore Crab in Berry

What a fabulous day ...Newquay Marine Group joined up with St Agnes, Looe, The Helford and Polzeath Marine Conservation Groups today to carry out a Shore Search at Looe for named important Marine Species whose recorded presence will help support the preposed and established MCZs ( Marine Conservation Zones)around our beautiful Cornish Coastline. It is hoped that in taking care of our wildlife that not only will it thrive and prosper as in Lundy Island ....a long established and experimental no take zone, with the added benefit of locals and tourism enjoyment of the wildlife. Newquay and the river Gannel are newly preposed and its thought that whilst potting and netting may be permitted only trawling may be banned but this is still all to be decided. Supporting our local potters by buying local "Newquay Crab " will help the local Commercial Fishermen support the MCZs.

Squat Lobster

It was great to see this Shore Crab above in full berry. She was returned to the same spot in the rockpool after recordings were taken to register and send off.

Sea-Lemon- Looe- Cornwall

 Anemone ..

 these anemones are predatory creatures resembling strawberry jelly when out of the water but have reaching projections when immersed in water that produce venom to catch fish and crustacean...look like beautiful but deadly flowers!!

Stunning rockpool Gullies at Looe

The Marine Conservationalists carefully search for BAP ( Biodiversity Action Plan) species amongst the encrusted Gullies and rockpools.

Below Gabi and Kyle from Newquay Marine Group help us.on their first Rockpool Ramble.

First Stalk Jelly

Gabi and Kyle from Newquay Marine Group on their first Rockpool Ramble

Ok Here it is the second Stalk Jelly of the day, we found 4 in all...Can't see it? well its on the top left of the seaweed...yes ....its very hard to spot Stalk Jellies!!!

Second Stalk Jelly

Marine Conservation Team

Rag Worm



 Long Claw Crab

Scorpion Fish