Trunk Newquay Seal

I just thought I would share with you this beautiful picture of trunk from today. She is a semi resident seal that reguarly comes into Newquay Harbour. This was taken at the stern of our boat "Atlantic Diver" while we waited to get moorings after a beautiful calm Sea Safari with some fabulous passengers.

Loyal Partner

We watched Phillip and Kevin ..local fishermen, hauling their catch of Newquay Spider Crabs, Newquay Brown Crab and Newquay Lobster. This is a very sustainable industry we support as there is very little bycatch. Its important to champion sustainable local fisheries by buying local Newquay Shellfish.

There were seals in a the sea foraging near a local haul out site and a mixture of Guillemots and Razorbills on ledges.


Grey Seal seen from Newquay Sea Safaris

See how tricky it is to spot these seals when they are against the rocks..she is just off to the left of these rocks watching us on Atlantic Diver watching her.

 Grey seals foraging around rocks