Access Statement 

Here is some information which may help you with accessibility. 

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing 

Shark’s Head Kiosk 

South Quay Hill

Newquay Harbour


There is a small car park at the harbour with the car park paying machine next to our shark’s head kiosk. Bring plenty of change as although it does have a card machine , it doesn’t always work.


Our boats are not fully accessible which we advise our passengers. 

We advise wearing sensible shoes suitable for moving wet decks, warm layers of clothing and waterproofs if you intend to stay on deck. We do have large wheelhouses to shelter in from rain or sunshine however. Please bring sun tan cream as the water reflects sun rays which could lead to sunburn. We advise a marine wildlife friendly product.

We operate trips from old historic Newquay Harbour which has steps to embark and disembark boats.
There are railings to the bottom but south quay steps are most suited to those mobility limited as they are the shortest and the widest. 

There is a step across to boat once at the bottom but we have had a door cut out so people can step across to boat rather than over a gunwale. 

The vessels are both catamarans with twin hulls so more stable than a mono hull but the boat will still have movement. You know yourself best if this is suitable. 

There are seats on deck and inside wheelhouse.

Wheelchair users and pushchairs/prams are advised to apply brakes and belts/harnesses and have be accompanied  but would need to transfer down steps onto boat first.

The toilets are at deck level for ease of access but they are not wide to take a wheelchair as they are simple boat toilets. 

There is a safety railing around sides of the vessels for support as the vessel is travelled around.

The decks are wide to permit light wheelchairs ( which would need to be carried down but also back up steps by carer).

We usually advise a preliminary visit to view steps and gage whether access is possible remembering that sometimes as tide goes out more steps are exposed on way back up.

Trips can be timed around tides to ensure embark and disembark from south quay.

In water activities like Diving can be done via our rear lift to make entering and exiting water easier .

Advise gloves with webbed fingers are helpful for in water activities.

Confidence and experience in deep offshore water is advised with carer as you are not supervised in water. 

There are a few disabled parking bays at the harbour. They are popular so early access is advised. 

There are disabled toilets at the harbour side which require a disabled access key as they are sometimes locked . The Harbour Master who works various day shifts ( not many days in the winter) only has a key if you do not have your own.

The Harbour hill is very steep  so please check you can manage the return back up the hill or your power wheelchairs or scooters are suitable ( my wife’s is) . 

We welcome passengers with learning difficulties and advise chatting to skipper prior to booking which can be arranged through the booking line to ensure their needs can be met safely and they are able to get the most from their trip .

Our sea safari trips are guided so people with visual impairment can hear commentary.

I’m sorry we do not have a hearing Loop but safety signs are posted around the vessel for access to emergency equipment. Our Skipper Chris has basic sign language skills and will do his best to help you enjoy your trip.

Sea can be choppy at times so calmer conditions are advised for those with nervous disposition or mobility limited. 

Trips booked where weather conditions may change and then not be suitable ( even if still suitable for able bodied passengers will not incur cost if cancelled when booked requiring disabled access.

Reduced cost is applicable for 1 carer if required at 20% ( apologies we are unable to offer more as we are limited to only 12 passengers in total ) 

Well behaved Salty Sea-Dogs are welcome on board our vessels , there are water bowls at our kiosk and on our boats. The skippers have dog biscuits if you wish to reward your dog a little treat. There are steps so please ensure dogs are happy with this. There are shaded areas around boat or in wheelhouse. There is no charge for dogs. 

Marine Centre                                          cocoa-dog-on-atlantic-diver

Our marine centre has accessible lift to first floor but 1 set of stairs will be needed to navigate in event of fire so visitors are advised of this . 

There is also a disabled toilet and accessible gangway with wide wheelchair access to room . 

We are very friendly one of our previous crew was mobility disabled so please feel free to call us and ask us any further questions. If there is anything we can help you with we will do our best or if you think we could do something within our limits.