Net entangled Juvie Humpback Continued

Bottlenose Dolphins playing with Atlantic Diver

Beautiful Bottlenose DolphinBawden Rocks

Bex monitoring with hydrophone for whale song

Bex and Dan spot from Atlantic diver upper deck

White Propellor of the show..not

White Propellor swims offDuring the intense process of trying to free the whale we watched the water surface after each time the whale swam down to see where it would pop up again, looking for ripples on the water, dark shadows or the ultimate tell tale sign of a whale.. the blow spraying out. During one such time a grey seal called “White Propellor” popped up looking for food…we all roared with laughter at the cheek of this little opportunistic if it was saying..”Hey I’m the Star here” feed me! of course we didn’t !

The whale was spotted again on Wednesday and Atlantic Diver loaded with Marine Mammal Medics and Ben’s new punt again took to the high seas to attempt to come to the aid of the troubled whale. Immediately after leaving newquay harbour we were joined by a group of three Bottlenose Dolphins…wow wee they porpoised and spun infront of the boat’s bow but we were unable to stop and enjoy as we continued on our mission past breath takingly beautiful scenery, that was more befitting to a Newquay Sea Safari than a search and rescue. Gannets dived and Cormorants did their best to distract but sadly we were unable to find the stricken Whale as the weather moved in and waves dashed our deck whilst the mist pushed down the visibily and we retreated to the safety of Newquay Harbour, so we could search another day. Imagine the thoughts and suprise of the surfer who spotted the whale just 200m off shore and 100m from his surf board and kindly reported it in…not exactly an everyday catch a wave experience. Cool thanks to all again who helped with this attempted rescue.

More news of the whale can be seen on this link :,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=850&cntnt01pagelimit=15&cntnt01returnid=54

Below is an amazing link to a sucessful if unplanned whale rescue…Its a real tear jerker :




Net entangled Juvenile Humpback Whale

Atlantic Diver was called by fellow Marine Mammal Medics at BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Resue) to go to the aid of a whale ,spotted by a St Ives Fisherman ,which was believed to be net entangled. Chris Lowe , Annabelle Lowe and Mark ( air ambulance crew and BDMLRMMM) dashed to Atlantic Diver at Newquay harbour ,cast off and sped at superfast speeds  that I have never seen her do before down to attempt rescue of the stricken whale. We carefully passed harbour porpoise and a sunfish on route passing through plankton slicks before slowing to begin the search of a needle in a haystack , for the encumbussed whale. Josh the BDMLR rescue rib met us after their equally fast launch from Hayle and both boats began the almighty task ahead.

Conditions were great for spotting and before long we saw what appeared to be a Minke Whale ,with small dorsal fin , feeding in the middle of a really soupie Plankton slick. Josh stood by to observe and spotted long whitish petoral fins….it was a Juvenile Humpback Whale!!!…net entangled around its dorsal fin and body beneath. Tactics were discussed and then brave Marine Mammal Medics: Faye, Dan ,Tim , Richard one other and with Phil at the helm began the process of attempting to cut through the thick rope. (” This is a job for trained medics only, as they say DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME”>>”Call the professionals BDMLR  on 01825 765 546 if you spot this or any other marine creature in distress) After several exhilarating and exhaustive attempts it was decidied to leave the whale as the sun was begining to set , whale was beginning to tire and both rescue boats had a fair way to return through pot laid sea before safe return to harbour. The whale continued to feed  as we saddly left it dragging along the netting.Cry This experience has highlighted to all the need to clean up our seas, collecting rubbish at sea as do several of the Cornish fishing fleet , (Newquay Harbour Included..thanks guys) through “Fishing for Litter”

Organising or taking part in Beach cleans and the most importantly …..throw your litter in a bin or take it home. Recycling is easy.Laughing A plea to all at or around the sea to report sighting of this whale to BDMLR as soon as possible after you spot it, with details of location, behaviour, direction of travel..many thanks. Many thanks too to all behind the scenes who worked so hard to try to free this beautiful whale.


Rescue boat Josh and Atlantic Diver search for net entangled Whale

A Juvenile Humpback Whale is spotted feeding in a soupie Plankton slick

British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics reach forward to cut through thick rope

brave marine mammal medics aboard Josh move in one last time

grey seal called "White Propellor" pops up looking for food

Sun sets as Atlantic Diver returns  to newquay leaving whale still sadly entangled

Newquay Harbour Grey Seals

Grey Seal eating Pollack frames Trunk telescoping out of  the sea

The three Grey Seals that reguarly visit  Newquay Harbour have for the past 2 weeks been joined by a new yet not identified by the Cornwall Seal Group…All four seals were enjoying an easy meal from the Newquay tripping boats ,with Trunk the pregnant female struggling now to reach high out of the sea to grab a fish.Justin Retallick and his young family returned with a good catch of Pollack and Mackerel from the 2 hour Mackerel fishing trip aboard” Atlantic Diver.” The children caught the fish but the mums who were enjoying a glass or two of Pimms back on land will be doing the cooking explained young fiherman Ben Retallick….bet the girls opted for a bar-b-que instead..and we all know who takes charge of those!!Wink 

Ben Retallick with afternoon's catch

Atlantic Diver returns to Newquay Harbour

Medallion Man Sleeping Under Water Video

Medallion Man swimming near to Newquay Harbour

Chris and I were snorkelling today near to Newquay harbour when we swam right over the top of Medallion Man , Newquay's Semi-resident Grey Seal. He was fast asleep on the sea bed bottom, right next to a bed of kelp. It was really funny as the slight swell was rolling slightly backwards and forwards much in the same motion as  a baby's cot would swing. He continued to snooze gently and then meerly peeped at us through one open eye before returning to his slumber. Lack of breath meant he returned to surface occassionally and at one point he hauled out on a close by rock and rolled onto his back for a real good back scratch…just like a big bear would do up and down a tree trunk. We amused him for a few seconds as he lolled off the slippery rock and over to us before again returning to log on the sea bed bottom….I Love MM!!!

Click on link below for you tube footage of him asleep on the seabed bottom

Moon Jellies

Moon and Blue Jellyfish spotted during Newquay Sea Safari off "Atlantic Diver"

Wow…Jellyfish galore just off Newquay Headland…our Cornish summer phenomenum of thick

" Smacks" of moon jellies and blues all tightly clustered in a thick floating carpet of Plankton , drifting at the mercey of the tide , glistening and twinkling like glass baubles bobbing about in the crystal blue sea. 

Newquay Harbour Ocean Discovery Day

 Bottlenose Dolphins in Newquay Bay , Newquay Sea Safaris Boat Trip aboard Atlantic Diver

Lots of exciting "Things to Do " this weekend at Newquay Harbour as Newquay Marine College will be hosting a fun and educational "Ocean Discovery Day" on Saturday16th March ,when second year Marine Conservation and Wildlife and the Media will be guiding FREE 1 hour sea safaris aboard "Atlantic Diver"…our superfast 10m Blyth Powerboat Catamaran. Marine Wildlife to spot for will be …breeding birds which have started returning to the coast , pairing up for that all important nesting event. Last Saturday 3 Bottlenose Dolphins were actively hunting and foraging in Newquay Bay and  "Medallion Man "..a semi resident Grey Seal to Newquay Harbour is back after leaving his winter haul out site. Take a look at the below poster and call Leyla to book onto trip before all the free places run out. Weather is looking promising so far and its a fun filled day with rockpool rambles, Cornwall seal group stall, Blue Reef guides and lots more…looking forward to seeing you all and do come and support our local students.


 any questions..add a comment below and we'll do our best to advise…happy boating..Annabelle

New Year Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins an awesome spot off "Atlantic Diver" on today's seal survey

Awesome Happy New Year at sea today as we spotted 8 Bottlenose Dolphins off St Ives in glorious Cornish Winter "Sunshine". Atlantic Diver was loaded with delighted Wildlife Surveyers who were treated to a  wildlife extravaganza of Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Grey Seals, Guillemots, Razorbills, Gannets Diving, Kittiwake, Raven, Mediterranean Gulls, Rock Pippet and Little Egret…and unbelievably a Barrel Jellyfish.

Dolphins Following Atlantic Diver close to boat

Mike enjoying awsome Dolphins bow riding Atlantic Diver

The Dolphins were hunting and Playing today and followed our boat along the survey for some 30 minutes and were bow riding the front of "Atlantic Diver" from time to time using their tail flukes to bat the hulls from side to side.

Up close and personal Dolphin porpoises close to boat on their terms

Detailed fin pic for Photo Identification

We took images of their fins to carry out Photo Identification. Each Dolphin has a unique fin shape, markings or nicks missing as seen in images here and this helps us to identify each individual .

Different fin ...Different Dolphin

Short Beak of Bottlenose Dolphin emerging from sea as it porpoises

Our winter 2 hour  Sea Safaris are continuing throughout the season weather permitting and as is proven today are as exciting as the summer months. A basking shark was spotted off Penzance just before christmas…a rare sighting but with wildlife anything can happen…off again tomorrow…still hoping for Orca Sighting which we have seen in the past at this time of year between Newquay and Padstow. Anyone interested in joining these special approx 6 hour surveys should contact us for details and dates.

Sea Birds perched on spectacular North Cornwall Rock off Newquay


Marine Protected Areas

Basking Shark ...the Second Largest Shark in the World and hereoff Newquay .. feeding on PlanktonEco Tourism has Great Education and Economic Value to manySpectacular Pods of Common Dolphins Foraging off NewquayDiverse Marine Wildlife Off the Newquay Coast

127 Marine protected areas are preposed around our Uk coastline…they will only happen if we support the proposition…Please give your support and click on the link below to sign the petition and leave a comment to have your say about where and how they should be.This is for everyone to comment …members of the public, boat users, fishermen, potters, jetskiers, kayakers, surfers, swimmers, coasteerers…anyone with a passion for the sea and whats in it!..thanks

 "Trunk" a beautiful Grey Seal Semi- resident to Newquay

Liferaft Service


.Liferaft open and begins to inflateEd Banyard tests Liferaft 

Another fun overwinter job is to service “Atlantic Diver’s”  liferaft. At Liferafts and Inflatables, Ed Banyard offers an amazing service and even invites customers to see their Liferaft inflated. This gives an ideal opportunity for skippers and crew to familiarize ourselves with the life saving piece of equipment. We open the liferaft box and begin to inflate. It has two tubes for safety that inflate one at a time.  A bag full of emergency survival kit is checked too and amusingly, it contains a SMALL handpump….skipper Chris immediately allocates possible job of  keeping raft well inflated to Annabelle in the guise of “It will keep you warm love!”…hmmm I pulled the short straw there then!Luckerly this one inflates with a compressed gas cylinder and the job is done in seconds. For more info about the process please click on link below:

A few hours later on the same day Ed and his team have the Liferaft back to Atlantic Diver and we are ready for sailing the ocean wide again. Passengers can feel safe that crew are confident in the deployment and handling of the liferaft.

Ever wonder what it looks like  being deployed at sea…check out ed’s website for some video action…enjoy!  Please click on the link below:  Fully inflated Liferaft fills the roomSpacious interior of Atlantic Diver's Liferaft

Lobster Tails


Lobster fresh from the seaBelgium Family having fun at Easter Aboard "Atlantic Diver" Sea Safari


Despite the changeable Easter weather…a family from Belgium were enjoying a Sea Safari aboard Atlantic Diver and learning that Lobsters are actually "Blue" when they are fresh from the sea . They learned about ; Spider Crabs, Edible Brown Crabs , Star Fish and Lobster as well as meeting Medallion Man the semi -resident Grey seal to Newquay Harbour.

For more info about the lives of lobsters please visit our friends at The National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow or click on the link below for more info: