Plankton Boat Trip

Jason Birt inspects Plankton sample

Newquay Marine Group Plankton day participants aboard Atlantic Diver

Plankton Net

Rebecca Allen from Cornwall College

“Atlantic Diver” was out Trolling for plankton today with Newquay Marine Group. The group enjoyed sunshine and blue skies today and examed the samples at Cornwall Marine College labs. 

Dave and John from Par Beach


Cornwall College plankton lecture with Newquay Marine Group

There were multiple samples of Copepods, the Basking Sharks favourite’s Zoo plankton, Jellyfish, Crab Larvae, Arrow Worms, Barnacle Moults, Sea Squirt, multiple Phytoplankton. 

The Basking Sharks are on their way.

Examing Plankton under Microscope