Practical Rescue Boat Exercise

British Divers marine Life Rescue Crew Practise Rescuing casualty from sea alongside Atlantic DiverLifting techniques make it easier to bring casualty on board "Atlantic Diver"Team plan the management of the RescueAnnabelle and Zoe bring casualty on boardResuscitation begins once on board Atlantic DiverLift aids recovery aboard Atlantic DiverDivers take it in turn to be the Rescue DiverRescue diver returns Casualty to Atlantic DiverJan administers Oxygen TherapyBritish Divers Marine Life Rescue Rhib "Josh" alongside "Atlantic Diver"Using Rescue Aids for agitated Diver

What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday…sunny Newquay on Atlantic Diver…completing a Practical Rescue Boat Management exercise with very kind thanks to John Adams ( Seaways Diving), Jay O'Donnell (Chief Petty officer, Chief Aircrewman.."The Flying Tigers"..and top hero) ,Faye Archell ( and all the BDMLR Medics), Bruce..the distressed actor of the year and co , Abby Crosby ( Cornwall Wildlife Trust) , Chris Lowe … cause he'll kill me if I don't mention the SKIPPER and all of the Motley Dive and Helm Crew that turned out to practise being thrown in and rescued on Sunday. We had Great fun whilst learning practical skills of how to return a Diver/Snorkeller in distress back into the boat safetly and commence Basic Life Support…reassuring passengers of their safety aboard "Atlantic Diver" and "Bounty!"
Jay O'Donnell Royal Navy Chief Aircrewman briefing Dive and helm crew on resuscitation techniquesChris Lowe skipper of Atlantic Diver completing a Practical Rescue Boat Exercise