Rare Leatherback Turtles

Rare Leatherback Turtle spotted off Atlantic Diver whilst Blue Shark Cage Diving!Leatherback Turtle takes a breath at surface and then swims back down under the sea

Shark Enthusiasts aboard Atlanticc Diver were treated to a rare sighting of a  2m  Leatherback Turtle, which swam alongside us for some 4 minutes, so we had a really good look. Its Carapace has long ridges down its back which helps identify it as a LBT which feed along the southwest coastline along warm fronts brought about by the Gulf Stream. We could see Blue Jellyfish and Comb Jellies floating passed the Shark Cage so we imagined the Turtle was feeding lower down in the water column on jellyfish, its usual diet. It resurfaced several times for breaths before returning again to activities down below the boat…we were SOOO lucky!!!

All sightings should be sent to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust on the following link;


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