Risso’s Dolphin Live Stranding!!!! Rescue

Risso's Dolphin Stranded live on Perranporth Beach

A Beautiful male Risso's Dolphin Stranded today on Perranporth Beach…kind members of the public called British Divers Marine Life Rescue hotline..01825 765 546 and were adviseed how to care for it whilst they waited for Marine Mammal Medics to arrive!

Medics arrived fast and furious until a crack team were supporting the Dolphin and administering Cetacean First Aid whilst staff from the Watering Hole ( especially Chris who was amazing at providing digger buckets of water to keep the dolphins skin wet) also chipped in.

medics begin arriving

 Vets arrived and administered antibiotics and took blood samples then gave the all clear to refloat..happy medics formed 2 teams and began the awesome task of carrrying the 1/2 tonne dolphin back to the sea!All hope is that the Dolphin will begin to respond

 Spotlight TV turn up to repot story.



Motley Crew of Marine Mammal Medics Elated after Sucessful Dolphin Refloat