Rock Fishing Safety Advice

Fishing Safely

Here are a few safety tips to consider  when fishing off the rocks around our rugged Cornish Coast:

  • Always tell someone reliable where you are going and keep in touch if you change the plan.
  • Never fish alone, a group of three is best, because if one falls in the sea, one can go for help , while the other stays with the casualty .
  • Inform your shore contact of time of your planned return.
  • Wear a Life Jacket or Floatation Aid if fishing from a hazardous position.
  • Wear suitable non-slip shoes and be aware of slippery or crumbling rocks ( avoid walking across seaweed).
  • Check out the weather forecast before you go BUT keep a close eye on the weather as it can change quickly.
  • Check the tide times to ensure you don't become cut off as tide comes in.
  • NEVER enter the water to land a fish or retrieve lost/snagged tackle.
  • NEVER enter the water to rescue someone, instead throw something bouyant in or a rope and call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
  • Choose a safe place to fish, well above the swell .
  • Arrive early to watch the wave swell through a full cycle before deciding if its a safe spot.
  • Plan an escape back to shore incase you do get washed off the rocks , into the sea.
  • Choose somewhere where your mobile phone has a signal
  • Don't panic if you are washed in…swim out safetly and choose a safe place to get back ashore…
  • Don't drink alcohol…save it until you're safely home.

 Enjoy Rock Fishing but always respect the power of the sea…here is a link to a useful youtube video , " Don't Put Your Life on the Line" please click below:

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