Seal Pup Basil Fawlty ..Released

Basil looks out to sea

Basil the recued seal pup has now been nursed back to health by the dedicated Animal Care Team Staff at the Gweek National Seal Sanctuary.and has over tripled his weight.  Alongside the staff and other BDMLR Marine Mammal Medics…we watch  the exciting moment of the seal’s  release back into the wild to try their chances again to survive against the odds. Basil’s big moment is about to begin…..the seals dash down to the sea but Basil is unsure and hides under the National Seal Sanctuary Jeep.Unsure what to do Basil breaks away from the rest of the seals and hides under the Seal Sanctuary JeepWe can still see you Basil!Basil spots something interesting in the shallows.Basil has spotted another sealAnother released seal pup waits in the shallows and looks back at Basil….enticing him to join her.Another released seal pup looks back at BasilThe other seal is eventually enough to lure him out to seaLaughingBasil tries the water 

Who could blame the little seal pup with icicles hanging from the cliffs on the beach…but the draw of the beautiful shimmering blue water of North Cornwall’s Atlantic Ocean eventually attracts Basil to take the final plunge.icicles hang form cliffs at the beachBasil finally swims out to sea

Basil finally heads out to sea!…