Seal’s Fish Supper

Newquay Grey Seal Feathers eating Conger Eel

Couldn’t resist posting this picture of Grey Seal called “Feathers/Shrek” eating a conger eel in Newquay Harbour today


Feathers-eases-Fish -Supper-Down -Throat-No Chewing





Gone…totally content seal….got to just love these gorgeous seals…it was like watching somebody eating noodles.


 In the backround the Newquay Fish Festival setting up is well underway.All starts down here on Friday 11th-13th…trips running as usual from our shark’s head booking kiosk..come on down and enjoy the fun.

We shall be helping at the Newquay Marine Group stand on the Beach.

there is an awesome program of fish and famous chefs, fishing talks, old newquay, food stalls….BOAT TRIPS and lots of Cornish Fishing Fun.

……….See You There!!