St Agnes VMCA Marine Discovery Day

Potting Fisherman show us a very large Edible CrabCrab from rockpool Ramble Cornwall Wildlife Trust and St Agnes VMCA gather at Travaunce Cove for Marine Discovery Day

fantastic views from the marine lab

Friends and Family gather

Matt Slater chats about one of the many crab species we found

Discovering the delights of crab

Lots of interest

Ra go hunt

Children enjoying new skills

Bull Huss Mermaid's Purse

What an awesome day today…Summer was here!! Three cheers for sunny dayssmiley I met up with St Agnes VMCA  volunteers and Cornwall Wildlife Trust staff, Matt Slater and Nicki , to help spread the word about how amazing our Cornish Marine Life is. We shared the fun of Rockpool Rambles, making Marine Art from beach litter, marine art craft, Cornwall Seal Group and Story telling and too much more to mention. Blue skies and warm Cornish sunshine blessed us as families and friends learned about the local fishermen who pot for Lobsters and Cornish Crab. Matt and John delivered a superb lecture about the sustainability of the Cornish potting fleet and how we should all support this wonderful industry thet provides fresh food for us with minimal impact to the marine environment. At present much of the Spider crab is sold abroad as there is a keen market for it there, BUT its a sweet tasting crustacean…kind of a cross between crab and lobster and Matt suggested we try it and champion it as our own home grown Cornish delicacy…..yummy, I know I love it!!…Try It. and support our local fleet.

We learn how to dress a crab

The Rockpool Ramble found….Cushion Stars, Strawberry Sea Anenomes,Bull Huss Mermaid's Purses, Five Beard Rocklings of various ages,Brittle Stars, Purple Top Shells, and multiple crab varieties as well as spiney Star Fish, a Flat Fish, Sea Slaters , all varieties of seaweeds and loads more.


Families and friends created Marine Art made from marine litter, Marine crafts  from Jean's excellent selection of interesting things, listened to story telling and Cornwall seal group Sue sayer and Kate, taught us the perils of netting rubbish to grey seals and how they live painfully with net entanglement..good reason to pick up beach garbage as we go along…thanks to all today for helping to premote how amazing our marine environment is and how we can protect it but most of all to support the Marien CoCornwall Seal Group Sue sayer talks about Grey Sealsnservation Zones , so that future generations can enjoy days like today.

A special thanks to Chris …the new VMCA Ranger who fit us inbetween his night shift….now there's dedication!!